Can Face Detection System Be Hacked?

One of the common security measures that most devices, especially phones, are incorporated with is the face verification system. The way it has solved the hacking problem is commendable, and more importantly, it is very sustainable as a form of security management. One of the major perks of this format is that it is very easy. Your face needs to be pre-registered, and every time you want to unlock or log in, the sensor has to detect your face.

However, the one question that many individuals ask is whether this security system of facial recognition can be easily hacked. Well, honestly speaking, the method of facial recognition spoofing is somewhat prevalent. But here’s the deal! It has been curbed down to a great extent, and today numerous counter options can effectively bring down the process of facial recognition spoofing.

Proof of identity using facial recognition

What does Facial Recognition Spoofing Mean?

As the name would suggest, this method is a hacking procedure that is usually used to tamper with facial recognition. You might wonder how it is possible? After all, no two individuals can look the same right! And even if they do, how does the hacker get hold of the identical face every time? However, the process is a bit more straightforward than you think.

It essentially involves the usage of images from digital media, which is very easily available in today’s world. However, just as easy as it sounds, if you get the selfie ID verification system built by professionals, it is not at all easy to spoof. The primary reason behind this is that the sensitivity level is too high, and when the hacker tries to break through, it will consistently get denied.

To curb this frivolous activity, the concept of facial liveness detection has been incorporated. It ensures that the system can detect whether the biometric is being captured from a life or a still object. Most hackers try to hack the system from stationery objects, and hence it can easily detect the lack of movement. The system is built so that it is highly effective and can be used very easily as well.


It is very important to remember that when we are talking about selfie verification, it has to be deployed with the help of professionals who can equip the system with facial liveness detection. It serves the purpose and ensures a double lock of security into your system.